September 11-27 2009

 GOGOLFEST / VAP 2010 (visual art program) 

One of the most vibrant components of Kiev’s annual GOGOLFEST is its visual art program, a comprehensive selection of curated multimedia and multidisciplinary projects taking place within the Arsenale. These projects offer the audience a direct encounter with some of the most cutting edge developments in the international art world while pushing past geographic, temporal and intellectual boundaries.

By "multimedia and multidisciplinary projects”, we mean a wide range of art forms including: sound art, video art, performance art, cybernetic, kinetic, digital and other "non-traditional" practice.

By "curated projects”, we mean that the format of these projects answers to the overall concept, structure and theme of the festival, though the individual curators are free to determine the titles, artists roster and scale of the exhibitions.

Selecting projects for GOGOLFEST 2010, we prefer site-specific works, created during a brief “residency” immediately preceding the exhibition’s opening. We also actively welcome collaboration between local and international forces; these types of joint projects are an essential aspect of the structure of the festival.

One of the peripheral aims of GOGOLFEST is to integrate entire projects (installations, performances, videos, etc) into other festivals, large-scale exhibitions and general cultural events in Europe and beyond, thus promoting the idea of “art without borders”, one of the central concepts behind this festival.


Katya Bochavar / Curator, GOGOLFEST Visual Art Program

GOGOLFEST Visual Art Program 2009